Saturday, February 23, 2013


It is not a secret that I am into Sailor inspired ensembles.  

I actually keep a couple of nautical inspired shirts. 
And so last Friday  when I happened to stumble upon a nice shop around the Metro, 
a Sailor's shirt got my attention. 

Here's my NAUTICA lookbook post:



I always go for a v-neck because it looks sleeker and matches my face. 
For guys with  wide forehead and subtle  almost soft chin features, 
a v-neck looks great.

Paired the shirt with an altered RRJ pants 
that resembles a sailor's short

A folded hem gave it a nice, nerd chic look.

I usually go for aviators' shades but for this look 
a classic VANS wayfarer kicked the ensemble. 

And since canvas shoes are also great alternatives for boat shoes, 
I used my RUSS for this ensemble.

So ready for some summer fun? 
Might as well sport this look! :)



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So it was, like any other Friday -
I was with my new office girl friend 
running around the metro to kill time before we end up munching siomai.

We happened to stumble upon a store that sells shirts shipped from Thailand. 
so I got curious, and the next thing I know am buying myself one.

It was way too cool it inspired me to come up with a lookbook post,
since the shop finds kinda reminded me of warehouse stuff, 

here's what I've got: 

I bought a BOLD PRINTED tee

which by the way, is way CHEAP. 

I had it to match my altered short pants from RRJ. 

Thanks to a dear friend, my tailor, I've got my tattered old jeans looking anew.

A good old fold on the hem gave it a nice appeal.

With all those, thus came my 

kicked the LOOK with my RUSS shoes

So there it went, my WAREHOUSE look 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Batch 1: The BEACH

Get a nice pair of shorts,
a cool cotton plain shirt
and a lot of boat shoes and/or cotton loafers...

... and the sun, sand and surf awaits.
No matter where you're planning to head this summer,
keep in mind that a comfortable guy exudes style.

So keep the baggage light and hit the road for another time-with-the-sun to remember.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Shirts are cool. I still think that the coolest ensemble is simply made of a pair of jeans over a sleek sneaker, topped with a white v-neck shirt. A wrist watch and a Blackberry would complete the ensemble, but that’s basically it. Simple and plain, that either it is gonna rock or you’d simply look like nonexistent. We know the secret how to rock it, right? ATTITUDE, just in case you forgot.

Thing is, tee tops or t-shirts as we commonly refer to them may look simple; it’s actually not that simple at all. Many guys out there still commit mistakes in donning one. So my man, my fellow Pinoy Fashion savvy guys, let’s take a little tour again at the shirts department.

Here are some of the things to remember when wearing a tee top or a tee shirt at that.

  • TUCK it out. T shirts are never meant to be worn tucked in, only collared tops can be.

  • Either it is crisp or ripped. A crisp, meaning new and seemingly polish (commonly white ones) is perfect under blazers. They should be worn when you want to look a little laid back but suave. Ripped ones are those loose at the sleeve and neck area, these are best for our play times. It can be good with short pants (Bermuda shorts) while you drive around the metro for errands, basketball or a simple coffee.

  • Pick Cotton. The softer the fabric, the better. Although since guys tend to be more rough, a blended cotton-polyester fabric is also a good choice.

  • Never ever wear them TWICE. Guys, we can do that with denim pants and jackets and hoodies and caps, but never with shirts, especially t-shirts. Have them washed before wearing them again.

  • GO plain, or go BOLD, nothing in between. Com’on, what are you fourth grader? A simple print is a stunner; remember that when it comes to men’s fashion, it is in the details. Chicks would dig a plain white shirt with a small logo of Mickey Mouse on the left chest. They think it is cute, that’s one point for getting attention.

  • SCHOOL pride? Know your limits when it comes to wearing your school pride shirts. I am a proud Atenista, but I just don’t wear it during conventions, business meetings etc. What am I a braggart? Tone the pride down, it helps.

  • Hole on the Wall. Give yourself some decency. A hole on a denim might look cool if worn appropriately, but on a t shirt? Com’on. Oh com’on.

  • Know your neckline. Certain facial shapes look good with a certain neckline. Round faced guys look best with v-neck or ones with a placket. Certain kinds of round necks also look good. Bottom line, know which look good on you, neckline-wise, then stash a number of that t-shirt. Check my blog soon, I’d post an article that’s entirely focused on this top.

So there you go. Hope this article helped, in the end, allow me to yet again remind you that style is but what we make out of fashion. Be it a plain tee shirt you have bought from Ukay-Ukay or a Burberry shirt worth another man’s monthly income, it is how you carry yourself that shall define what boys call swag, what young men like us call style – and what they, the established men call character. If you can sport a t-shirt looking like a man on top of his game, then you got it my man.


First of all, am not a believer of trends, I'd rather stick with a style that's definitely my own. But the thing is, as we try to live our daily lives, we actually slowly conform to certain trends of the time. There is a difference though in making a trend jive with your own personal style and making a trend your personal style. There's just a whole lot of difference. Anyhow, as the year begun most mens fashion houses have come up with their lines for the year. Here's a run down of the mens fashion must haves for 2013. 

This is not like a prediction, but rather a kind of my personal pick out of the many choices the world of style has laid upon us after we have apparently survived the Mayan's end.

Dig in...
goes laid back and mineral-toned. It has a whole new line that's perfect for the urban outfitter.

MANGO, anyone?

is plain and simple as always. This look is best for those who like it simple but significant.

BURBERRY does it prim and proper, as always. This is a cold season staple for the man of his time.

Colors are making its way into the mens wardrobe,
the Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2013 collection are a proof.

Raglans, a classic, are actually resurfacing.
These are pretty much cool shirts - perfect rain or shine.

Preppy Brit inspired looks are still in, only this time, colors are getting into the scene.

The fedora hats are coming back. The summer season is going to give it more fame. Black and leather ones would be in after, when the rain starts to pour.

These geek chic shirts are still the most stylish tops to sport this year.

Apparently the super hero shirts are not yet out,
as mall giant SM Department Stores introduced affordable shirts of this design.

All sorts of shoes are stepping into the scene as many brands start to enter the Pinoy fashion scene.

I have said this before, and I would say it again;

ATTITUDE - it would never goes out of style.

discover // RUSS SHOES

It may sound a little weird, but yah, I guess the word is Imelditic. Her perversion with shoes gave her that recognition, and so to the world now, a person with huge shoe obsession is called Imelditic. And am one of those, Imelditic guys.

Anyhow, so much of that history con social science lecture.
Late last month, as I did my prep up for the upcoming parties, I decided to hunt for some toe treats. I went through shops in the search of something unique but not eccentric, something that’s rare but not exotic. And so with a budget of Php 700.00 I jumped from one mall to another, until I found RUSS. An offshoot of the renowned Rusty Lopez brand, RUSS started as a collection catering to the hip and young, and now has become a booming shoe brand.

I have found myself a denim lace ups that has abaca detailing on the sole. Comfy and unique- just the one I have been looking for. More importantly, it is within my budget. PHP 699.00 – discounted from a price of about 700+.  So I took it, end of story.

The Abaca detailing on the sole give it an organic boost.

The denim is also soft enough for the toes, for guys like me that easily get blisters, these are just perfect.

Check out its inner lining, too, sewn for sturdiness.

RUSS has officially become a new favorite. Check their online store for more. Here. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Let's tour the t-shirts department with this style guide post.
I have made a little something that tackles the

You’d never go wrong having a stash of these, even just one per type. These are year round must have shirts that are perfect for the country’s weather. Am not particular with brands, but am pretty much pushy on the kind of fabric (get them all in cotton, please). 

Check 'em out…

1.       PLACKET. Nothing goes wrong with a t-shirt with a placket detailing. It looks classy and perfect either worn on its own or under a blazer. A word of advice? Wear this with a blazer on top for a date, and she’s (or he) is gonna dig your porma. It’s just simply Roman, so reminiscent of Italian sunsets.  

2.       SPORTS SHIRT. It would come in handy when you have to hang with the boys. A sporty t-shirt is the safest one to wear. Besides, the print would usually stir conversations. // I prefer football prints. 

3.       VINTAGE. My favorite, my forever favorite. A real vintage, meaning an old, really old t-shirt that has a graphic print is among the most stylish shirt there is. It has a character of its own that’s perfect for daily use. Rain or shine, vintage never goes out of style.

4.       V-NECK SWEATS. Yes, it goes together. A sweater with v-neck. Invest on a brand as this would usually come handy only during the cold months. Pick something with a color that fully flatters your skin tone. 

5.       SCHOOL PRIDE. Show your school some love and get a school shirt. It would come handy during certain events that would reunite you and your barkada. And if you’re a fan of collegiate basketball, the t-shirt is your ticket to the fun. Come to think of it, am missing cheering for my team! 

Have I missed any? Let me know guys, drop your comments anytime :)

buttoned up | a formal wear guide for pinoy men

This post is supposed to be a Style Guide for PROM, 
but I have come to realize that it’s a little too early and I actually have gone through sources that discusses formal wear on broader contexts, so I told myself, hey why not simply make a simple 
Formal Wear Style Guide for Pinoys.

And so, here it is…

First of all, to set this post different from all other Style Guides to Formal Wear, this one tackles in particular the need of Filipino men. We Pinoys are set on a different context as that of the highly discussed western fashion and so we have ‘some’ other things to consider.

When it comes to FORMAL EVENTS, the rule STRICTLY FORMAL sometimes imposes upon guys the boring, up-tight, put-your-best-foot-forward kind of situation. Well, it is, and it is not. Thing is, you can have as much fun as you get to have on a pool side party from a cocktail sipping event. The trick simply lies on how you are dressed and how you behave. Everything else follows – that I have said, and would say it again. It’s all in the attitude – and the dress.

Let's break it into three; 

It’s is a conventional choice to pick a tux (that’s a lengthy jacket and bow ties) for most men. It is very regal and prim; I myself like it. But there are also alternatives that would make you even more gwapo, and so is the word. A crispy white shirt under a tailored jacket or blazer is the epitome of a modern gentleman. Keep it close to your body shape and you’re good to go. The only thing to consider though, since the weather in the country is tropical, is the fabric. Pick pure cotton or silk ones for a fresher feel. Avoid wool and leatherette – unless the venue permits.

Pants. There are no much rules in here, just this, make it go with your over all color scheme, meaning silver jacket needs silver pants, black on black, white on white, period.  Color blocking is fun, but it is really kind of ‘too-forward’ for formal events. Also, mind the hem. The hem, as the way I like it should end just where the shoe top begins. Others like it a little beyond, just a little beyond. That’s fine, but never NEVER ever let a single line come to existence when the hem and the shoe meets – because that’s the end of your ensemble.

Meaning; the tie, the shoes, the belt, the cuff links and the watch. Any guy can actually rock a plain tux provided he is able to look into the details pretty much good. The choice for the tie is crucial, because it gets attention.

Decide which looks good on you, a bow tie or a tie. I’d pick bowties ‘cause am comfortable with them, that too, my man, comfort, is a great consideration.

The shoes and the belt goes together. Black on black is the safest, but make sure it look great with the top and bottom. Also, lace up leather shoes like Brogues are the BEST shoes, leave the loafers for walking.

The cuff links are optional, but a simple but well placed cuff link would highlight an ensemble and give you more character. Lastly, pick a good, quite pricey watch. It’s a man’s measurement – sort of. A formal event talks about serious men trying to live a life, trying to make their time pretty much worth it. And a good watch is a must.

In the end, I’d say this again; 
ATTITUDE my friend is the greatest wardrobe there is. 
 Its hides the flaws and flaunts what should be – if used rightly.  Learn and reap the value of ethics by being the best gentleman that you can be.