Brent Tzu 
contemporary urban artist / hipster

He is a young marketing professional doing writing marketing stints for an American Market BPO based in the Philippines. A graduate of Business Administration Major in Legal Management of the Ateneo de Naga University who ditched Law School for a career in the marketing arena. 

Perverted with anything beautiful and inspiring, he seeks to promote the Philippine culture and its wonders. Talks and writes about anything that interests him; from fashion, politics, love, the visual arts, to the high society (and this list continues). Basically a blubber-mouth with lots of stories at hand.

Afflicted with Behcet's Syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease . He is left eye blind and is an advocate of the advancement of the People-with-Disability (PWD) community. Is a gender advocate and supports HIV awareness.

In everything he does, he hopes to seek primum regnum dei.

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Freelance Web Content Writer
Market and Data Analyst
Creative Consultant

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