Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The ‪#‎EraPro‬ / VANS

Tony Alva added collar padding and heel cap for support, making it the first shoe specifically for skateboarding.

Php 3,698 at Vans concept stores.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


with this modern twist of the well loved 

Military Stripes Tee 

from MINT
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Monday, July 29, 2013

style 101 / BROGUE SHOES

(derived from the Gaelic bróg (Irish), bròg (Scottish) "shoe")

Considered now as one of the most formal shoe to sport, brogues are basically low-heeled traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or "broguing") and serration along the pieces' visible edges.

Brogues were traditionally considered to be outdoor or country footwear not otherwise appropriate for casual or business occasions, but brogues are now considered appropriate in most contexts.

Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe cap styles (full or "wingtip", semi-, quarter and longwing) and four closure styles (oxford, derby, ghillie, and monk). 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

STYLE GUIDE | a bachelor's pad essentials

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So you have just moved into your new condo, or perhaps on a relatively smaller, room-for-rent around the metro. No matter the size, like we always say, it’s the performance that matters (chuckles). Yes, you have outperformed yourself! - That you are now ON YOUR OWN.

So how then do we turn our lofts into a bachelor’s pad? Then my man, bookmark my blog as I would soon make a post on that topic. For now, let’s focus on the part of the pad from where WE are the KINGs; our bedroom. Here’s a list of a few man essentials that every bachelor’s den should have. Your bedroom is your ultimate personal space, so make the most out of it without making it look like an old kid’s playroom. Just like I always say, keep it simple but significant.

BED. It’s your choice; talk about day beds, love beds, water beds, convertibles and so on and so forth. Take the most comfortable bed set up that you can get (and afford, as of the moment). Invest on good quality mattresses and bed linens. Also, get an extra ‘satin’ set always ready – for ‘emergency’ cases (wink). It sets the mood better.

Lamps. Yes, it’s an essential! One, for reading and secondly, for a warmer mood; try using lamps instead of the conventional on-the-ceiling lighting fixtures. You’d know the difference.

Closets and Hampers. These two goes together, but don’t keep them literally together. As closets are for clean clothes and hampers are for the soiled ones. Keep them both near your shower room though. Also, choose wooden ones over plastic. Good quality wood helps absorb moisture and retain a cool dry environ, keeping the clothes better tucked!

Table. This primarily should hold your ‘toys’. Stash your gadgets in one corner. You don’t want to sit on your iPad accidentally, or try borrowing your neighbor’s phone to ring yours. Trust me, I know :)

book nook. Now this is debatable, cos others like the bed as there reading venue. The choice is yours. Thing is, get a good organizer to pile your books at. Try Ikea for shelving ideas. Or, you can also get a bigger table so your toys and books could share space.

Vanity Wall. A full size mirror (meaning where you’d fit from head to toe) and an organizer for your essentials. This might not be something that others are comfortable having, but get into the private spaces of career oriented, powerful men and you’d see that this, is a MUST.

PERSONAL WALL. Men are not necessarily souvenirs keepers – that’s a statistical fact. But it’s also a fact that we take inspiration from something, or someone, as the cliché ‘behind every man’s success is a woman (or a partner at that, some men prefer men, get over it) Have a framed picture (big enough for you to see 1st thing in the morning) of her/him. Or anything that represent that person, thing or aspiration that perks up your day. Hang it and wake up greeting it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style101: PLAID or GINGHAM - How To Tell

being an epitome of one’s attention to details is far more refined once, 
well I have said it, DETAILS are well taken.

Let’s polish some, shall we.

Let’s see the commonly confused patterns, GINGHAM and PLAID.

When you reach 22; and formal clothes and smart casuals become a necessity, am pretty sure you have chanced upon these terms. Should you have been a high fashion fan, am way sure you know the difference. But to help refresh our stylish, perverted minds, here’s a basic run down of the difference of plaid and gingham.

Gingham have lines of the same width

Plaid, on the other hand has different widths

Gingham is always white, plus another color 
(or two shades of which)

Plaid can be any color combination 
(and they usually come in three to five color combos)

That’s just it!


Keep the smart ass in you in the know, come back for more of these stuffs! 
Better yet, click on the Style101 tab above for more!  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Burberry Prorsum / Sean O'Pry!

Burberry Prorsum
A beautiful diamond patterned coat that's further juiced up by Sean O'Pry!

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buttoned up but never uptight - my kind of class

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dessert Boots: Kicks To Rock

When Chucks and Vans are just too young for your daily run; 
and leather borogues are a bit too forward, 
what to wear then?

Say hello to Dessert Boots!

Thanks to some local brands adopting a rather far more forward and I should say, high street style in response to the noticeable entrance of western brands in the country’s style arena. Anyway, so much for that.

A good number of guys in most metropolitans in the country are seen kickin’ boots 
– dessert boots at that. 
These light weight character-oozing toe treats fit just about any genre, 
so finding one that suits your lifestyle is quite an easy thing.

Dessert boots are available in many materials; take suede, printed canvass, denim, leatherette and more. So the choice is really limitless. A used and dusted dessert boot also gives its wearer a sex appeal that only cow bows ones have. 
Its sexy, as many gals would say.

In the end, a comfortable, in-time kicks is really quite an eye treat – not to mention toe-friendly for the guy in you who knows adventure more than any average guy. 

So am gonna zip now and let you dish on these options I have found for you.

Keep posted for a post of where to find these kicks in your nearest malls.

brent tzu

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Men Wearing Burberry

Burberry kills my Hipster side. 
This luxury brand has been a personal favorite since I've joined Ateneo in 2007. 
Since then, I have been following its long line of Men's Fashion items. 
I am particularly in love with the tailored suits they have.

Initiated in 1856 by, then 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, a former draper's apprentice. He opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Since then, the rest is history.

Now, the brand is a highly celebrated, top of the line fashion house that caters the high profile patrons. 

Here are some of the guys I know who have been known to sport Burberry pieces. 

A personal favorite, British actor Douglas Booth wore a Burberry tailoring at the Prorsum Menswear S/S14 show in London

Nice prints in subtle (or bold) colors 
that suit the preference of most men are an emerging trademark of Burberry

Booth sports a laid back Burberry tailoring here

Another known Burberry fan is British actor Andrew Garfield 
He is seen here wearing Burberry tailoring to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ premiere in South Korea

Boyish charm emanates from Jack and Finn Harries 
They are seen wearing Burberry outside the Burberry Prorsum show space in Kensington Gardens, London

British actor Eddie Redmayne is also a noted Burberry fan.
He was wearing Burberry tailoring to the 2013 National Board of Review Awards in New York 

He was also seen wearing a Burberry tuxedo 
while performing at the 2013 Oscars  in Los Angeles

also seen at the 2012 BAFTA awards, Eddie wore Burberry tailoring

Joining as well this A-List of stylish men are the boys from One Direction. 

Burberry is indeed one hot stuff for the boys. 
For more of men wearing Burberry, check out their Pinterest board , here
Photos for this post are lifted mostly from their official Pinterest account. 

For more, check out their twitter too @Burberry, click here.



Monday, July 1, 2013

#StylishGuysGuild / El Bosquejo

Last week I stumbled upon one Filipino blogger that might have been not too celebrated but is well read. Folks, meet Miguel Paolo Celestial, who maintains a total of four blogs and a personal Tumblog. This guy has been affiliated with a national newspaper for quite sometime now. And although I have restrained myself from stalking, this guy lives a normal yuppie's life. He as well designs jewelries. he likes photography, and my, do i have to say that he's got a take on fashion.

He's got a laid back style. The kind of style that my Ateneo friends would usually call pormang mayaman. 

So, I'd zip up now and let you dig into these photos.