Friday, August 23, 2013


Okay I admit it, am also a Havaianas fan.
But thing is, there really is just three rules when it comes to wearing slippers.

Beach or an afternoon stroll at the mall, or perhaps it’s a wet Thursday or something – just one consideration, the slippers should be appropriate for that moment.

This one is tricky as some men prefer bulky type of slippers; like Crocs, Sandugo and many others. Havaianas give you thin slippers on the other hand. Be your own judge, as one toe is different with the others. So long as you are comfortable and the slippers you wear looks good on you – that’s stylish enough.

In case you still doubt though, ask a friend, an honest friend.

Lastly, CLEAN.
CLEAN slippers and clean toes! ‘nough said.


Enjoy the rainy season folks!


I won’t say much except that not most Filipinos find it comfortable wearing a scarf.
Its either you’re a Muslim, selling stuffs or just one fashion forward gay guy.

ENNG! Too cliché, and yes too shallow!

Scarves are men’s sexiest cold weather accessories.
Why do you think rock stars and hipsters like them?
They are sexy and they are comfy. 
End of story.

To rock them is very easy as well. They look better with tee tops, but rarely when you have mastered your style; they also look great on some collared tops. As for starters, get them in 100% cotton. 

Stick with classy patterns like plaid and gingham as well. 
And finally, learn how to put them on.

Beat the cold guys – in style!     

Friday, August 16, 2013

happy feet

Jan Jayco, 
a friend of mine, since way back from our college days, up to now of course, 
has a very laid back style.

He works for a TV production, that's why.

Check out pics of him trotting some parts of Cambodia 

with his tee and short combo

and happy feet!
for more, check his IG account here

Monday, August 5, 2013

explore hipster

true to the word!
this young Filipino, Efren Rodriguez Jr.,
 exudes the hipster vibe!

photo all owned by the featured
more from his tumblr, here

from Paris - with Style

JB, 25 from Paris 
brings with him style
simple but really worth emulating

We T Shirt
 Asos Bracelet 
Bershka Short
Veja Shoes 

JB knows just how to pull simple basics
and turn it into something you'd be proud to sport 

Zara Blazer
Asos Bracelet
Zara Jeans
 Asos Shoes
 Asos T Shirt


This guy just knows how to pull things together.
check his LookBook account here

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Adding a warm color into your ensemble 
might actually turn some warm into this cold season's gloom

put on some scarf for added detailing 
and you're good to go!

check these possible ensembles for ideas!

basic vanity

is one thing that most men give premium nowadays. 
Gone are those days when men's vanity is less of a priority. 

It's a modern gentleman's rule to look, smell and feel nice. 


As for my take on this, 
Let me share to you my basic vanity stuffs. 
These are my casual days basics, 
things that you'd commonly find on my bag.

My basic fix are basically:
my Colgate mouth wash, 
Master Facial Moisturizer 
Penshoppe's INTENSE body spray
and Bench Fix Hair Wax

After the usual bathe,
these are my final fixes.
I carry them whenever I go, too, just in case. 
As they say, you'd never know who you'd bump into today.

Some men seem to raise an eyebrow when facial moisturizers are mentioned, 
first thing, there are moisturizers especially made for men, so no worries
secondly, moisturizing your face does a lot, especially if you opt for soaps. 
This help retain the moisture in your skin, to keep you looking fresh and clean - longer. 

You might also like to give petroleum jelly a try, I use Farlin, to keep your skin feeling great. Using this as a lip moisturizer is also great. I have skin allergies, but Farlin does the trick. 

I have mentioned already that Penshoppe is my fix when it comes to body sprays.
I love the way it smells on me, and, it works well even if I don't use any deo at all. 

Another common concern for men is actually the toes, agreed? 
I also have that, I sweat lots on my toes so I need keep it on check.
There are so many solutions available in the market, but for me, my kinalakihan baby powder is enough. 
I keep Johnson's Baby power for my toes - and it never fails!   


so there you go, 
my basic vanity fixes.
hope it helps!