Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Style101: PLAID or GINGHAM - How To Tell

being an epitome of one’s attention to details is far more refined once, 
well I have said it, DETAILS are well taken.

Let’s polish some, shall we.

Let’s see the commonly confused patterns, GINGHAM and PLAID.

When you reach 22; and formal clothes and smart casuals become a necessity, am pretty sure you have chanced upon these terms. Should you have been a high fashion fan, am way sure you know the difference. But to help refresh our stylish, perverted minds, here’s a basic run down of the difference of plaid and gingham.

Gingham have lines of the same width

Plaid, on the other hand has different widths

Gingham is always white, plus another color 
(or two shades of which)

Plaid can be any color combination 
(and they usually come in three to five color combos)

That’s just it!


Keep the smart ass in you in the know, come back for more of these stuffs! 
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