Sunday, April 14, 2013

STYLE GUIDE / Summer Shorts

The summer fever is on, and I know you can feel it, too.

Although the summer season has not yet officially begun; IT’S BEEN HOT, it has been freakin’ hot the past days that the call for Summer Shorts has finally begun. So take those short pants off the closet and start sporting some cool bottoms.

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Summer shorts come in lots of forms, so the options at hand are virtually limitless. But what is it really that suits most of us Pinoy men? Well let me do a rundown of summer shorts for men, and let’s see where we get, err which would suit us best.



These are the conventional, beach and sand shorts. These colorful (sometimes color blocked) shorts are the best options if you’re going to get wet. Owning a pair of these is quite essential especially if it’s the beach you are heading to (lots) this summer season.


Chinos are those not-slim-not-straight-cut pants, and they also come in shorts. These used to be donned by signature brand aficionados. But in the recent years, these have become common, so Pinoy men might as well give it a try. These are best worn during runs to a café, Sunday afternoon drives and those summer activities that require some laid back style minus getting wet.


These are knee length shorts originally intended for yachting.  And they do suit best activities around the beach or anything outdoorsy but still off and away from the waters. Going out for golf? Then these are the new fashion!


Well there is one thing about these shorts, they are thick! So these are best worn only during those days when the sun is sorta permitting. Grab these during road trips and gala mode afternoons, when the sun is almost down.


There is only one event that requires a pair of cargo short pants during the summer. TREK days. Off for some wild adventure (I mean the real wild, not that kind of wild, chuckles, hehe). Thing is, these are perfect for casual treks. A lazy afternoon on the metro would also pass for these shorts, but style-wise, wait for the rains before doing so.

So there you go. As for my final words, I usually swing around chinos and bermuda shorts. These are like my thing. Whichever suits your body type (and makes you feel comfortable) would definitely look good on you. Words of advice though, make it appropriate. Those board shorts might cost great, but they are for the beach! period.

Keep the smart style folks!   

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