Monday, April 29, 2013


Although I did a post about the kind of shades to wear as according to ones facial shape,
such infographic is kind of too brief. So I expanded such post and came up with this…

Shady Fashion: STYLISH SUMMER SHADES – for your face, 
a guide to wearing that perfect shades for your facial shape.

The likes of classic aviators, wayfarers and vintage shades are commonly donned during the summer season. But do you have the right pair for your facial shape? 
Each face has distinct features, flaunt yours by wearing the right pair of shades!


Oval Faces

Guys with oval faces are lucky enough because they can wear just about any style as such shape is highly proportioned. To maintain this balance, wear sun glasses that are as wide as the widest part of your face. Square frames, wraparounds and shields are the best for these kind of face.

Round Faces

The key is making the face look thinner. You can do so by making sure that the frames don’t extend beyond the widest part. Angular frames and dark colors tints are the best for making the face look thinner.

Diamond-shaped Faces

The high cheek bones and narrow forehead and chin features would look great with oval frames and squares with softly curved edges.

Square Faces

Angular face structures are best paired with shades that reduces the sharpness of these features. Try cats-eye shades but never put on rectangular or square frames as they over emphasize the facial angles. The key is to wear something that softens the angles.

Oblong Faces

A long face would look great with round or square glasses as these adds balance. If your adventurous enough, decorative frames and contrasting temples (the part of the shades that reaches to your ear) would greatly help break the facial length.

Triangular or Heart-shaped Faces

Metal frames and rimless bottoms would look great on guys with this facial shape. Aviators would also be great, as it softens the look of a narrow jaw and small chin. The goal is to put emphasis on the eye area, away from these features.


So there you go guys. Hope I did help, even a bit.

Have a great sun season!   

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