Tuesday, April 2, 2013

have you got a RAGLAN yet?

Like what we have talked about when the year 2013 dawned, raglan shirts are getting a buzz. Thanks to the now Philippines’ hottest teen icons like Daniel Padilla, Enchong Dee (blah blah blah) and probably the current teen-dom cuties One Direction, the raglan has come back to the lime light. Need I also forget that Coca Cola Philippines is continuously playing those series of ads where the lead wears an iconic red raglan shirt?

Raglan is in.

Ask Mr. President for Happiness

Ask Daniel Padilla’s girl.

Or better yet, ask Enchong Dee and the rest of these guys :)

Ask just about anyone, and they’ll agree that the raglan fever is on.

Raglans are perfect for just about anyone. 
Aside from being a proven classic, this type of shirt (sleeve) design enhances the chest area, making you look a bit more buff (sort of). 

They also look great with just about any bottoms; be it a trendy short pants, chinos or even cargo pants. The color combinations are also virtually limited, and opting for varied prints allows making your individuality stand out in spite being around fellow raglan clad peeps.

So care to get yours?
Here’s my personal pick.

See here on how to get orders.



now’s the time to perfectly score that comfy cotton hoodie you have been eyeing since last year – 
aside from it being a raglan sleeved top its probably on sale now, 
when the summer clothes are taking much of the shelf space in stores. 

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