Thursday, April 4, 2013


Brent Tzu goes CHILLIN' 
// a LookBook Post Made Possible by Nokia ASHA

Summer is fast approaching, and so is the heat. 
And just recently, I and my dear friend Junie had a rather 'heated' encounter with the sun!
Imagine spending a couple of hours in shear heat - real, piercing heat. 
Our office's generator set took a hiccup after a day's blackout and so 

Thanks to our newest best friend, NOKIA ASHA (tweet them here)
we killed some time and basked in the cool breeze,
while enjoying the sun's rage
by taking some of these lookbook snaps!

Ensemble details: 

TOP: Tiange Find
Pants: Bench/TM
Shoes: Russ
Watch: Follie
Specs: RayBan

photography by: junnie jean

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