Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Like I did in my previous blog 
I would feature here random guys I find worthy of  being part of the 
These dudes of the brood are stylish enough and deserve being commended for simply pulling a smart swag.

So as a primer...

Check this DOPE guy out. 
(original source: Kuya, why so pogi?)

 This set of selfie pics only shows how good this guy is! 
Check my favorite ensembles he pulled here. 

First stop, VARSITY jacs! 
This dude knows how to pull a classic. 

Varsity jackets took a huge comeback last year, 
but this ensemble is simply not gonna drop off the lime light. 
A buttoned up tee perfectly matches any jac of this nature. 
Add chinos on and a dope pair of vans, and you're good to go.

NEXT. A military inspired look. 

This guy knows his style. 
Camouflage jackets are best worn oversized, 
especially if you are of Asian built. 
This top goes well with just about anything. 
Although like this guy, 
I'd wear it with a fitted pants for added appeal.  

Lastly, the BOW tie!

This guy knows his contemporary fashion.
And nothing beats the HIPSTER FAD. 
I, myself is a huge fan of this style.
nothing turns the style notch higher than a bow tie. 
Check this baggy top he wears with a black bow tie.
PARTY is it? then this guy knows how to dress cool



So there you go! 
want to appear in this blog, too?
Or perhaps you have a person in mind?
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or our @myfoldedpants account.

Keep the swag guys!


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