Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Points to Casual Wear

Probably the hardest ensemble to sport for men is the dubbed ‘Casual Wear’. Thing is, it’s the line between formal (business) wear and street wear. Unfortunately though, there are no universal rules on this - says so, too.

The judgment then lies on all of us.

I did some reading and found out some common practices that have become acceptable when it comes to men’s casual wear.  Here are five points to perfecting such ensemble.

1.       JEANS. It’s all about the jeans. Casual wear translates to comfortable wear that does not resemble everyday clothes and is presentable enough to wear within and without our work spaces. Jeans are the epitome of this ensemble. Pick nicely pressed and fitted jeans for this look. Avoid short pants as they would look too casual, thus streetish.
 A chino can be an alternative, though.

2.       Collared. Tops should be collared. The best pick would be a white orthodox shirt. Playing with colors and textures would also be great, provided it has a collar. Cotton tops are also highly recommended. As for the top’s fit, it should never be neither tight nor loose. Fitted, is the word.
3.       No shine. A matte shoe is the best for casual wear. A common mistake of Pinoy men when it comes to casual wear is the ever famous, boat shoes. They are, by nature, for boating, yacht sailing and all those outdoorsy events. Pick a loafer, canvas shoe or a slip on leather shoe – again, minus the shine. A little grass stain is never a bad adage, it would make the look perfect actually.

 4.       Blazer. A blazer and nothing else is advised. A signature jacket that resembles a blazer may be an alternative, though. No hoodies or sweat shirts. Pick a matte full colored blazer. Do away from black or grey for a change. A blue, brown or shades in between would be great.

 5.       Watch it.  Watch the details. One can experiment with belts, watches and bracelets. But like with formal wear, the lesser the details, the better. To cap it off, a nice wrist watch would be enough.    

In the end, 
when it looks too formal – it is not fit for casual wear. 
When it looks overly comfortable and streetish 
then it is not fit for casual wear, too.

Trust your taste and you’re good to go.

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