Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dessert Boots: Kicks To Rock

When Chucks and Vans are just too young for your daily run; 
and leather borogues are a bit too forward, 
what to wear then?

Say hello to Dessert Boots!

Thanks to some local brands adopting a rather far more forward and I should say, high street style in response to the noticeable entrance of western brands in the country’s style arena. Anyway, so much for that.

A good number of guys in most metropolitans in the country are seen kickin’ boots 
– dessert boots at that. 
These light weight character-oozing toe treats fit just about any genre, 
so finding one that suits your lifestyle is quite an easy thing.

Dessert boots are available in many materials; take suede, printed canvass, denim, leatherette and more. So the choice is really limitless. A used and dusted dessert boot also gives its wearer a sex appeal that only cow bows ones have. 
Its sexy, as many gals would say.

In the end, a comfortable, in-time kicks is really quite an eye treat – not to mention toe-friendly for the guy in you who knows adventure more than any average guy. 

So am gonna zip now and let you dish on these options I have found for you.

Keep posted for a post of where to find these kicks in your nearest malls.

brent tzu

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