Friday, August 23, 2013


Okay I admit it, am also a Havaianas fan.
But thing is, there really is just three rules when it comes to wearing slippers.

Beach or an afternoon stroll at the mall, or perhaps it’s a wet Thursday or something – just one consideration, the slippers should be appropriate for that moment.

This one is tricky as some men prefer bulky type of slippers; like Crocs, Sandugo and many others. Havaianas give you thin slippers on the other hand. Be your own judge, as one toe is different with the others. So long as you are comfortable and the slippers you wear looks good on you – that’s stylish enough.

In case you still doubt though, ask a friend, an honest friend.

Lastly, CLEAN.
CLEAN slippers and clean toes! ‘nough said.


Enjoy the rainy season folks!

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