Monday, February 18, 2013


Shirts are cool. I still think that the coolest ensemble is simply made of a pair of jeans over a sleek sneaker, topped with a white v-neck shirt. A wrist watch and a Blackberry would complete the ensemble, but that’s basically it. Simple and plain, that either it is gonna rock or you’d simply look like nonexistent. We know the secret how to rock it, right? ATTITUDE, just in case you forgot.

Thing is, tee tops or t-shirts as we commonly refer to them may look simple; it’s actually not that simple at all. Many guys out there still commit mistakes in donning one. So my man, my fellow Pinoy Fashion savvy guys, let’s take a little tour again at the shirts department.

Here are some of the things to remember when wearing a tee top or a tee shirt at that.

  • TUCK it out. T shirts are never meant to be worn tucked in, only collared tops can be.

  • Either it is crisp or ripped. A crisp, meaning new and seemingly polish (commonly white ones) is perfect under blazers. They should be worn when you want to look a little laid back but suave. Ripped ones are those loose at the sleeve and neck area, these are best for our play times. It can be good with short pants (Bermuda shorts) while you drive around the metro for errands, basketball or a simple coffee.

  • Pick Cotton. The softer the fabric, the better. Although since guys tend to be more rough, a blended cotton-polyester fabric is also a good choice.

  • Never ever wear them TWICE. Guys, we can do that with denim pants and jackets and hoodies and caps, but never with shirts, especially t-shirts. Have them washed before wearing them again.

  • GO plain, or go BOLD, nothing in between. Com’on, what are you fourth grader? A simple print is a stunner; remember that when it comes to men’s fashion, it is in the details. Chicks would dig a plain white shirt with a small logo of Mickey Mouse on the left chest. They think it is cute, that’s one point for getting attention.

  • SCHOOL pride? Know your limits when it comes to wearing your school pride shirts. I am a proud Atenista, but I just don’t wear it during conventions, business meetings etc. What am I a braggart? Tone the pride down, it helps.

  • Hole on the Wall. Give yourself some decency. A hole on a denim might look cool if worn appropriately, but on a t shirt? Com’on. Oh com’on.

  • Know your neckline. Certain facial shapes look good with a certain neckline. Round faced guys look best with v-neck or ones with a placket. Certain kinds of round necks also look good. Bottom line, know which look good on you, neckline-wise, then stash a number of that t-shirt. Check my blog soon, I’d post an article that’s entirely focused on this top.

So there you go. Hope this article helped, in the end, allow me to yet again remind you that style is but what we make out of fashion. Be it a plain tee shirt you have bought from Ukay-Ukay or a Burberry shirt worth another man’s monthly income, it is how you carry yourself that shall define what boys call swag, what young men like us call style – and what they, the established men call character. If you can sport a t-shirt looking like a man on top of his game, then you got it my man.

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