Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get the LOOK | a Pinoy Fashion Guide

People judge us according to the way we project, or so to say carry ourselves. It’s a fact and there’s no bending such truth. So if you care enough about how you are perceived, give your LOOK a look. It is no secret that well dressed men radiates power, commands respect and say it, exudes sex appeal. It’s a universal truth. Take it or be left behind.

Basically, men take inspiration from others, or from a certain icon when grooming and grooving. It’s a common mistake though of young Pinoys out there to copy (yes I said copy) a certain culture’s fashion. Although there is nothing wrong liking the Brits, Hipters and many other genres; knowing and letting out one’s own style is the key. Everything else just follows.

Before sticking up with a trademark look and joining a brotherhood of style, there are certain things one should be first certain about. Once certain, it would be easier to Get the LOOK.


Basically, answer the question. The answer would tell a lot about what others expect from you. It is not a bad thing to break away from the conventional, that’s the very essence of owning a look, but one’s place in the picture defines what kind of look would look – and suit best. It is easy to play with clothes, provided, your function as a person is considered. Imagine, a rugged looking nurse-aspiring-doctor or an overly polished and prim (in suave tux) rocker – there are just clothes that would best fit ones category. We are not fashion models to try and look different each time; we have to Get the LOOK, our own look.


Are you laid back? Prim and proper? Rough and rugged? Sporty and avid? How you behave should rule how you dress up. Rolled up pants would look best with the laid back while tailored seams are best for the prim and proper. Rubber shoes are best worn by avid sport fans while top-siders look perfect on those who live business casual lives. How you should look follows how you move, that’s just it.


This is a cliché. And like most clichés, it is brutally true. A place dictates a code of decorum, an air of conduct that it requires. It is stupid to wear buttoned up silk tops on a bowling night out, right? But why do others do it often? Same thing applies with slippers, nothing against Haviainas but they just won’t fit in Manila Con. The place dictates, period.

With these three things considered. The next challenge would be, putting the overall ensemble. The choices are still wide right? So keep posted…

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