Thursday, February 14, 2013

STYLE GUIDE | bottoms

There are a couple of things in a man’s ensemble that make of break a look. And for one, bottoms does a lot of this. A good pair of pants well paired with a complementing top needs just additional accessories, and you’re good to go.

To rock your look, there are two things to complete an ensemble. One, choose a top then match it with good pants. Or (two) do it the other way around. Give your pants the highlight by finding something that would further accentuate it. Accessories, yet again are adages only. Give the focal focus on the two main pieces and everything else follows.

So talking about pants, here are some of GQ’s featured bottoms for the month’s issue. Take a look of what may interest you, and let’s play STYLE.



‘The slimmest jean in Jean Touitou's arsenal of prime raw-denim cuts. The New Cure tapers closely from the knee to the ankle, resulting in a silhouette that works as well with a casual Friday sports jacket as it does a in your weekend wardrobe” –GQ

// available at nordstrom.

This works best with the casual look. Since the weather in the country colder nowadays, pair this up with your flannels (which nerd-chic nowadays love to sport). Looking quite preppy with the comfort of jeans is quite fun. It adds character, too!

If you want more character, pair this with a crispy white v-neck top and put that scarf on. Look Parisian without trying too much! (beat the cold, too!)

Demin is the getting a renewed hype. With the likes of Folded and Hung with their Dare Me to Denim campaign; and the likes of celebrity lifestyle blogger David Guison with his TopMan Denim inspired feature – there really is hype, so to say.


It’s a must have, I need not to say much. It’s perfect for work; where slacks are a bore and denims are quite too casual. These are best paired with a pair of boat shoes and basically just any top. Your orthodox buttoned ups are best possible pairs!

available at nordstrom.


Rock and refined. These pants would look edgy even when paired with a plain top. Add a nice blazer and you can head to a casual date, dine at Resorts World or basically hang out somewhere posh. It has that character in itself.

available at nordstrom.

At the bottom of all these, among these three personally picked bottoms; 
Picking yet again what makes you feel comfortable is but the only best advice I can give. 

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