Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pinoy Prom Guide | 10-Point Plan to Prom Night

Here’s for my TEEN GUY readers. 
I have assembled 
10 helpful tips for your prep-up for that one big night
So boys, dig in.

1. LOOK the PART
PROMS are generally formal events though some schools adopt certain motifs. None the less, dressing the part is a rule. Never go underdressed or overly done. Strut a tux the way stylish men of the brood do. Decide on what kind of lapel, the number of buttons, color palette and over all look you would like to sport. See this board from my Pinterest account for ideas.

2. BUY vs. RENT
Decide whether you would rather rent or buy a tux. A word of advice though, if you think you have grown, literally grown, into the guy you ought to be, physically, then buying is the best. It is an investment dude.

I need not to elaborate do I? FIT means buttoned up, your two fingers would fit into your neckline comfortably; sleeves starts exactly at the shoulders; hems end at the wrist and the ankle - and the trunk gets emphasized.

4. Be the REBEL that YOU ARE
Who says Prom is strictly black and white? Have an affair with colors and probably even with texture, go ahead pick something that would make you standout. You can pick a tux with a silk lapel for example. Just please, don’t wear sneakers – stick with the leather. See here for ideas.

5. Mind the DETAILS
Details make or break an ensemble. Make sure your tie (I’d still go for bow ties), belt, cufflinks and wristwatch contribute to the wholeness of the ensemble. A word of advice, make it simple but significant. Click here for more.

6. Flash FLASHY
Make sure everything that should shine shines – that means clean shoes my boy.

7. Be a MR.SUAVE
Fix your hair, that’s just the message. If you have enough budget, have it done, say a hair spa or hot oil a day or two before the big night.

Formal events call for no cologne or your conventional body spray. This is the time to use that ‘imported’ padala-ni-tita. Use oil based perfumes to make the scent last. Musks and sensual tones are the best choices.

Treat your date a bit. A long stemmed rose might be a cliché but it works.

10. Be the perfect GENTLEMAN
I need not to say more do I? On that night be a MAN.

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