Saturday, February 23, 2013


So it was, like any other Friday -
I was with my new office girl friend 
running around the metro to kill time before we end up munching siomai.

We happened to stumble upon a store that sells shirts shipped from Thailand. 
so I got curious, and the next thing I know am buying myself one.

It was way too cool it inspired me to come up with a lookbook post,
since the shop finds kinda reminded me of warehouse stuff, 

here's what I've got: 

I bought a BOLD PRINTED tee

which by the way, is way CHEAP. 

I had it to match my altered short pants from RRJ. 

Thanks to a dear friend, my tailor, I've got my tattered old jeans looking anew.

A good old fold on the hem gave it a nice appeal.

With all those, thus came my 

kicked the LOOK with my RUSS shoes

So there it went, my WAREHOUSE look 

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