Monday, February 18, 2013

discover // RUSS SHOES

It may sound a little weird, but yah, I guess the word is Imelditic. Her perversion with shoes gave her that recognition, and so to the world now, a person with huge shoe obsession is called Imelditic. And am one of those, Imelditic guys.

Anyhow, so much of that history con social science lecture.
Late last month, as I did my prep up for the upcoming parties, I decided to hunt for some toe treats. I went through shops in the search of something unique but not eccentric, something that’s rare but not exotic. And so with a budget of Php 700.00 I jumped from one mall to another, until I found RUSS. An offshoot of the renowned Rusty Lopez brand, RUSS started as a collection catering to the hip and young, and now has become a booming shoe brand.

I have found myself a denim lace ups that has abaca detailing on the sole. Comfy and unique- just the one I have been looking for. More importantly, it is within my budget. PHP 699.00 – discounted from a price of about 700+.  So I took it, end of story.

The Abaca detailing on the sole give it an organic boost.

The denim is also soft enough for the toes, for guys like me that easily get blisters, these are just perfect.

Check out its inner lining, too, sewn for sturdiness.

RUSS has officially become a new favorite. Check their online store for more. Here. 

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